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the steel city speakeasy

Capone's Speakeasy is located at the heart of Sheffield on West St.


Find the door and venture downstairs to immerse yourself in the prohibition era. You will find incredible 1920s decor accompanied by stunning drinks and snacks.


That combined with spectacular table service, means there really is nowhere else quite like it....

book your very own private luxury booth at Capone's today.


opening times


Closed / venue hire


19:00 - 02:30


16:00 - 02:30


table bookings

Mr Capone will take a card pre-authorisation of £15 per person when booking a table in his speakeasy. Please note that No money is taken from your card at this point.

His past has made him naturally suspicious so he hopes you will not be offended. Mr Capone assumes you will honour your booking, so this pre-authorisation will be cancelled once you arrive.

If, for any reason, you are unable to arrive within 15 minutes of your booking time, Mr Capone reserves the right to apply for the £15 charge per person.

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