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the real mccoy

The real deal. The very best of French and British Produce working in harmony. London Dry Gin, Champagne and Fresh Strawberry. Simply the perfect summer cup.

royal blood

As at home at a royal dinner party as it would be as a hair of the dog. Tart fresh orange offset by moreish jammy raspberry bolstered by an opulent combination of champagne and fine Brandy. You don’t have to love brandy to fall in love here.

jazz age

Tropical doesn’t always have to be Tiki. A nod to the exotic and expensive fruits often used in premium clubs and bars this rich sparkling combination of spice, fruit and champagne is an elegant twist on the flavours of the tropics.

old columbus

Named for the man who transported and planted sugarcane across the west indies. A short but boozy sparkling cocktail reminiscent of your favourite mojito.

half eton breakfast

Sweet, nutty and just a little bitter with a stunning floral orange aroma. A powerful spritz of gin and champagne certain to pick up the early evening.



COCKTAIL FEATS & SPARKLING TREATS. The perfect start to your evening. Elegant sparkling cocktails derived from the age of black tie and ball gown dance parties.


exquisite cocktails

Mr Capone is a man of many talents... one being his ability to craft the perfect drinks menu. choose your favourite from the following four collections...


riot club

Short spirit-heavy drinks showing off the opulence that might have been enjoyed in the likes of the Bullingdon Club by the ultra wealthy members. Perfect after dinner stir downs and signature shorts.


swanky gin mill

A gin mill was the name given to establishments selling alcohol during Prohibition. Swanky was a slang term for Ritzy. We’ve made it a little more literal with infused purple rhubarb gin, cherry liquor and violet making this beautiful and floral Martini-style serve.

thunder road

Named after an infamous bootlegger’s moonshine route through Kentucky. With three powerful base spirits sweetened by a little honey and sharpened with fresh lemon, this will have a similar effect on your senses to that old moonshine. It is significantly safer than bathtub moonshine, however, and we promise you won’t go blind.

medical liquor

During Prohibition one of the only ways to legally get alcohol was to have it prescribed by a physician….. many fake illnesses were reported and prescriptions were at an all-time high. This beautiful sweet stir down of rum and amaretto is a more refined take on some of the sweet spirits given out in the 19th century.

mary pickford

The stage name for the early 20th century Canadian-American actor Gladys Marie Smith. Our alteration of Cherry rum adds some extra fruit and depth.

auld wilson

Our house speciality named after not only ourselves but for Woodrow Wilson - the president during the early days of American Prohibition. Gin, marzipan, white chocolate and woody notes.


puttin' on the ritz

A collection of drinks for when one needs some dancing energy. A little sweeter and certainly fun these will keep the evening going just a little longer and help you to dance into the night.


gun club

A powerful mix of rich Demerara rum, aged clear rum and orange liqueur. A stunning red colour and foam comes from pomegranate and pineapple shaken very hard until the whole mix becomes almost creamy.


A subtle pink but punchy drink. A long grapefruit margarita with plenty of kick.

blue monday

The name given in the 20s for the feeling you get at work after a whole weekend on the lash. This bright blue concoction is full of rich orange and spice. Served short strong and very blue indeed.

half-seas over

1920s slang for being a little worst for wear owing to alcohol consumption. ‘Drunk, tipsy, befuddled etc.’ A slight floral mix of tart berries and rose with a good vodka backbone is sure to make you ‘Half-Seas Over’.

18th amendment

In 1919 the 18th amendment was officially ratified and come 1920 the US was officially a dry nation. Fortunately for you, this drink is the polar opposite... very, very wet. Served over crushed ice is a heady mix of tropical rum, citrus and Caribbean spiced liqueur.



The simplicity is key... a squeeze of this, a dash of that can make all the difference. Below we have a small selection of our favourites to enjoy with your cohort.


white russian

Rich. Indulgent. Unapologetic. The youngest in our selection of classics, the layering of cream, sweet coffee liqueur and vodka was created in 1949 as a contrast of its counterpart, Black Russian.

moscow mule

Born in 1941, from the marriage of vodka, fiery ginger beer and a squeeze of fresh lime, the viral sensation that is the Moscow Mule was created.


The Italian Stallion of classic cocktails that has been around for more than 100 years. Stirred to perfection; the botanical notes of gin and the sweetness of the vermouth cut through perfectly by the bitterness of Campari.

mint julep

The official drink of the Kentucky Derby. This effortless libation will keep you refreshed and wanting more of this well-rounded Bourbon, sugar syrup and fresh mint concoction.

old fashioned

It may be Old Fashioned… but it’ll never go out of style. A favourite among Whiskey lovers, Bourbon softened by a single sugar cube, Angostura bitters and a twist of orange citrus oils. 

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